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[18 May 2010|10:17am]
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notice the "frequently bought together" [24 Mar 2010|09:33pm]
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fo tros gnitirw rorrim [17 Mar 2010|09:32pm]
.yam ni etaudarg I .sdrawkcab gnitirw emit gnitsaw mi os krowemoh gniod ekil tnod I .won tnediser lagel a si novehS troper ot yppah ma I. lavitsef ecnassianer eht ta boj a tog I.
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I don't want any more of those plastic beads [13 Oct 2009|04:17pm]
every shift I work at my phone job, my faith in humanity dies a little more
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Fuck you, Spike Lee [31 Aug 2009|08:39am]
Jungle Fever is the worst movie I've ever seen.
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[03 Aug 2009|02:36pm]
I miss chivalry. Feminism killed chivalry and left far worse things sticking around.
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[11 Jul 2009|02:48pm]
[ mood | sad ]

nobody wants to play with me.

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Fuck Hiccups [08 Jul 2009|11:57pm]
And the police

I am racist against the police. You know, like, where you just have a negative impression of all popo-americans or poposexuals just because of a few unpleasant encounters. You hold the whole group to a set of stereotypes like that they are corrupt and ignorant, they use unnecessary force, they have power issues...they are the embodiment of the man, of the machine, of neocolonialism, of the human rights violation,of the bricks in the wall that separates my people from the promise land!

I got a ticket in case you hadn't figured.

This tirade would be humorous if it ended there, but Shevon got a ticket too. I failed to stop at a stop sign (even though I definitely paused long enough to be sure that nothing was coming, but what-thefuck-ever) and shevon was following me. State trooper was positioned at th gas station on that corner, awaiting this very opportunity. He immediately set out in pursuit of me until I pulled over 2.5 seconds later. Shevon realized my fate and pulled over to wait for me. I got the $149.00 ticket and left. Then apparently the guy asked Shevon if he knew me and proceeded to give him a ticket too. Shevon asked what for and guy said "for following her out and not stopping". But Shevon was behind the guys car. Shevon would have had to stop for the guy to get behind me, so this is infuriating bullshit and Shevon was a freebie toward that assholes quota. Maybe Shevon could have stood up for himself, but then maybe he would've gotten shot.

I hate the police.
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[18 Jun 2009|08:32pm]
"Peta mad over fly swat"

stupidest headline I've ever seen
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[22 May 2009|05:03pm]
Dear Mr. Obama,

I am a substitute teacher in Polk County, Florida, and I recently received the following message:

"The U.S. Office of Management and Budget has adopted new standards for collecting and maintaining ethnicity and race data. All employees must complete a new Race Ethnicity Reporting Form. This form must be submitted no later than June 15, 2009 to avoid termination. The Race Ethnicity Reporting Form is on the Substitute Teacher website. http://www.polk-fl.net/employment/substitutes.htm Fax to: SEMS Office 863-534-0737; Courier mail : SEMS Office, HRS, Rt.E; USPS mail: SEMS Office, P.O.Box 391, Bartow, FL 33831"

My question is, why is it necessary (and compulsory) to "collect and maintain ethnicity and race data"? Isn't this practice rather antiquated? Aren't race and ethnicity social constructs, designed out of ignorance and power politics, which have been dividing us for centuries without profound genetic basis? Is that a run on sentence?

I would like to know why the U.S. OMB has these standards. I would not like to lose my job because I refuse to place myself in a category.

Thankyou and take care,
Emily Michie

P.S. I voted for you.
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[07 May 2009|05:11pm]
Sometimes I feel afraid to write, because there is nothing important flowing through me that needs to be written. Not acutely enough that someone else can't describe it better. I want a story to tell. I hope all my dreams come true. I'm afraid I'm wasting time.
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[21 Apr 2009|10:29am]
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[20 Mar 2009|09:32am]
Married To The Sea
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[29 Jan 2009|11:35am]
Married To The Sea
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burns day [26 Jan 2009|12:26am]
Is there for honest Poverty
That hings his head, an' a' that;
The coward slave-we pass him by,
We dare be poor for a' that!
For a' that, an' a' that,
Our toils obscure an' a' that,
The rank is but the guinea's stamp,
The Man's the gowd for a' that.

What though on hamely fare we dine,
Wear hoddin grey, an' a that;
Gie fools their silks, and knaves their wine;
A Man's a Man for a' that:
For a' that, and a' that,
Their tinsel show, an' a' that;
The honest man, tho' e'er sae poor,
Is king o' men for a' that.

Ye see yon birkie, ca'd a lord,
Wha struts, an' stares, an' a' that;
Tho' hundreds worship at his word,
He's but a cuif for a' that:
For a' that, an' a' that,
His ribband, star, an' a' that:
The man o' independent mind
He looks an' laughs at a' that.

A prince can mak a belted knight,
A marquis, duke, an' a' that;
But an honest man's aboon his might,
Gude faith, he maunna fa' that!
For a' that, an' a' that,
Their dignities an' a' that;
The pith o' sense, an' pride o' worth,
Are higher rank than a' that.

Then let us pray that come it may,
(As come it will for a' that,)
That Sense and Worth, o'er a' the earth,
Shall bear the gree, an' a' that.
For a' that, an' a' that,
It's coming yet for a' that,
That Man to Man, the world o'er,
Shall brothers be for a' that.
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[03 Nov 2008|10:23pm]
"I don't pay attention to polls, I just count lawn signs...so get ready for president Remax"

The time is nearly 10:30, and I have a 10 page paper due first thing tomorrow. Thing is, I've only got about 1/2 page. Fortunately I took the day off work to still not start on it and just laze about and nap. So I should be able to stay up all night posting in live journal about it and not doing it. But I am going to do it. At least more than 1/2 a page.Much more.Like maybe at least 8 or 10 times that much.
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[26 Oct 2008|09:32pm]
I ache to be with you.
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gullah islands [15 Oct 2008|05:37pm]
did you know there are islands off the coast of georgia and south carolina? occupied by a population of people descended from africans?

i am only just now learning this. I thought the pbs show "gullah gullah island" was based on an imaginary place.
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[30 Sep 2008|07:19pm]
what is up with robert mugabe's top lip?
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[14 Sep 2008|01:30am]
I just keep rewinding that last part and getting tickled.
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